Nagaana OKWEPICHA Ne Gravity Omutujju kati ampala- Kapa Cat

Dancehall singer Kapa Cat has decided to reveal the genesis of beef with Gravity Omutujju. And it was all about Okwepicha. Speaking to Sanyuka TV’s Zahara Toto on the Uncut show, Kapa Cat said that Gravity reached put to her and asked for a collabo.

She told him to give her a period of 3 months and when they elapsed, she called him and they did their song, Centre. According to Kapa Cat, Centre is her own song and the Okwepicha singer is not allowed to perform it anywhere.

Even for her case when she’s performing it, she makes sure to erase Gravity’s verse. The Dansolo singer went ahead to reveal how she performed for the rapper on his shows and he defaulted her.

In a bid to weaken her, he decided to start hyping Martha Mukisa making her wonder why instead he didn’t ask the Sisaaga singer for a collabo. But above all, Gravity wanted Kapa Cat’s sumbie but she refused. She said that he falls short of her qualities such as height and being a gentleman.

Therefore, he will never see the road to her oiled delicious bean sumbusa. He can keep on body shaming her but he knows that the meow is the problem. The Untouchable Music Management singer also said that she decided to keep a distance from Gravity the day he appeared in front of the camera crying.


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