“I let him do what he wants” – Janet reveals her secret for happy marriage with Museveni

The First Lady of Uganda, Janet Kataaha Museveni, has offered valuable advice to women across the nation, urging them to refrain from meddling in their husbands’ affairs if they aspire to achieve lasting success in their marriages.

This counsel came as she and her husband, President Yoweri Museveni commemorated an impressive milestone – their 50th wedding anniversary – during a weekend celebration held in Ntungamo.

In a momentous speech delivered at the event, the Minister of Education and Sports Hon. Janet Museveni, disclosed a cherished secret that has been instrumental in sustaining her marriage for over five decades.

She emphasized the significance of granting one’s spouse personal space and autonomy, stating, “To have your spouse, give him peace and let him be. What he wants to do let him do because it is nothing. And really I know he knows that I don’t follow him, picking up things, those small things. Ladies just let your husbands be.”

Her words resonated powerfully, evoking enthusiastic applause from the gathered audience. Subsequently, the First Lady took to social media to extend her gratitude to both God and her husband, President Yoweri Museveni.

She expressed, “The celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary yesterday was bestowed upon us as a divine gift from our Heavenly Father. Our journey thus far would not have been possible without His benevolence.”

Reflecting on the commemoration of their golden jubilee, Janet Museveni’s heart swelled with thankfulness to God for guiding her family to their ancestral home in Ntungamo District.

She noted that this locale holds profound significance, as it is where she and her husband trace their roots and where her childhood dreams were nurtured, giving rise to her deep love for their homeland. At the age of seventy-five, marking this significant marital milestone, no other place in Uganda could hold a more profound resonance for her.

In a time characterized by challenges, the celebration of family has assumed paramount importance. It is heartening to witness the global community continuing to express gratitude for God’s creation of the human family, recognizing it as the bedrock upon which humanity thrives.

Janet Museveni expressed the belief that many would concur with the sentiment that, at the ages of seventy-five and seventy-eight respectively, she and Yoweri Museveni stand as living testaments to God’s grace.

Reaching the remarkable fifty-year mark in their marital journey, the enduring strength of their bond undoubtedly reflects the work of the divine. As their shared journey has evolved, they have grown to depend more on each other and, above all, on their faith.

In closing, she exclaimed, “Ebenezer! Truly, the Lord has brought us this far.” The First Lady’s words echo the enduring power of faith, love, and commitment that have characterized her five decades of marriage.


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