BAMBI Fille avudde ku stage nagwa enume yekigwo!! Laba video yiino

Mc Kats’s baby mama and singer Fille Mutoni recently slipped before falling awkwardly during a performance with Sheebah.

According to a video making rounds on social media, Fille can be seen performing “Did I Die?” with Sheebah a remix the latter did with Hatim and Dokey.

Fille took a careless stride halfway through the performance as she whined to the song, sliding to the ground by her back.

Sheebah was quick to pull Fille back to her feet as she said sorry to her. Several revellers could be heard revealing how they had initially predicted Fille’s fall, after noticing that she was performing while intoxicated.

The embarrassing moment happened recently at the Allure Hotel in Mutundwe, where musicians hold their weekly UNMF Jam Sessions.

As of the publication, Fille had not commented on the development, and the fall’s effect on the singer was still under wraps.

Fille is not the first musician to fall on stage midway through a performance, as Kid Dee, Winnie Nwagi, Kabako, and many others never tasted this embarrassing moment.

Have a look at the video below;


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