How Eddy Kenzo’s Whooper broke Down Music Federation, Chris Banina also Left In Tears

In a surprising turn of events, the Uganda Musicians Federation, spearheaded by Eddy Kenzo, finds itself entangled in a love triangle, leading to potential exits by artists Chris Banina and Lydia Jasmine.

Rumors suggest that the turmoil within Kenzo’s ‘Federation’ is sparked by a romantic entanglement involving Kenzo himself and singer Carol Nantongo.


Chris Banina, allegedly heartbroken upon discovering the Kenzo-Nantongo affair, had been a significant contributor to Nantongo’s lifestyle and was deeply invested in a romantic relationship with her.

Adding to the complexity, Lydia Jasmine, a close friend of Nantongo, is reportedly devastated, having introduced Nantongo to Kenzo’s Federation while unaware of the ongoing affair.

DJ Vee has also taken to her platforms to make similar allegations, hinting at a widespread discontent among artists, particularly women, within the Federation.

Further reports reveal a mysterious man sponsoring both Carol and Lydia, showering them with gifts and money. Speculations arise that Chris Banina might be the financial supporter, while Kenzo’s role is suggested to be on the romantic side with Carol Nantongo.

Complications escalate when Carol discovers Lydia’s involvement with the same man behind her back, leading her to sever ties with Lydia on social media.

The unfolding love triangle raises questions about its potential impact on the artists’ music careers and relationships with their fans. The situation remains unclear, leaving fans curious about the repercussions of this romantic entanglement within the Uganda Musicians Federation.

In interviews, Carol Nantongo and Eddy Kenzo have been evasive about their relationship status, with Kenzo having been linked to Lydia Jasmine, though both deny any romantic involvement, insisting on being just friends. The future of these artists within the Federation and the fallout from this love triangle remain uncertain.


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