“I am fer better than them all ” Chosen Becky’s Sister Ruth Kuganja Trashes Grace Khan And Carol Nantongo

Title: “Ruth Kuganja Speaks Out: Claims Superiority Over Fellow Singers Grace Khan and Carol Nantongo”

In a recent interview, rising singer and sibling to Chosen Becky, Ruth Kuganja, did not hold back as she dismissed fellow musicians Grace Khan and Carol Nantongo, asserting her own superiority in the industry.

When asked whether she believes she outshines some of the current female singers, Kuganja confidently stated that she undoubtedly does. Netizens were taken aback by her candid remarks as she passed her verdict on notable musicians, including Pia Pounds, Carol Nantongo, and Grace Khan.

Kuganja expressed that Pia Pounds should not be considered among singers as she reportedly returned to school, shifting her focus away from music. Regarding Grace Khan, Kuganja claimed superiority, citing alleged involvement in controversies, alcohol, and a perceived abandonment of music. In the case of Carol Nantongo, Chosen Becky’s sister asserted her own excellence, stating that Nantongo can attempt to match her but falls short.

She declared, “There are many female musicians that I’m better than who can’t rival me. Mentioning Pia Pounds doesn’t make sense because I heard she went back to school and no longer sings. For Grace Khan, I just see her in men all the time. And I think she chose to go into relationships with men. When it comes to Carol Nantongo, she can try a little bit to match me, but I would floor her. As for Chosen Becky, she’s my sister, and I have immense respect for her.”

Despite Kuganja’s bold assertions, social media users advised her to let her music speak for itself. Many suggested that attempting to diminish fellow singers and relying on her sister’s fame might not contribute positively to her career.


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