Maj. General Loketch laid to his final resting place, leaves thousands morning his death

Many people flogged pader at Paipir Primary school playgrounds, Pader town council in Pader district where the memorial service for the burial of Maj. Gen. Paul loketch nicknamed ‘The lion of Mogadishu” after expelling Al-Shabaab militants from the Somali capital.

Police say the general dies of a blood clot after falling from a plastic chair.

A mourned cries during the burial. (Photo. Nilepost)

Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire, the Internal Affairs Minister, who was Gen Lokech’s immediate supervisor as Deputy IGP said he was a rare person .

“He was a gifted and unique individual that we may not easily get his breed. He would come and brief me about matters of police in the entire without a file”. He said.

Gen Salim Saleh, the senior presidential advisor on military affairs hailed the deceased as one of those who reformed the UPDF.

“This shows you the level of reform thinking he had and you can all talk about him as a thinker. Those qualities led him to be a team member of the defence commission who among others suggested that every senior officer who had never been to college goes to the army college. It led to many of us including Gen Tumwine, Gen Sejusa, Mayombo and Okiding to go to the military college,” Saleh said.

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