Govt warns schools ready to hike fees

The minister for higher education, J.C Muyingo has asked schools not to hike their school fees ahead of the reopening of schools in January next year.

The minister said this would not be fair since the schools had closed a few days after they were opened and it would only be unfair for parents to pay again yet the previous fees were not utilized.

” we are not accepting any fees increment. What was being charged previously is what we expect the schools to charge” He said.

“senior two student who had completed payment of fees when we closed are expected to utilize that money because they did not utilize it” he added saying that other classes who have to pay should not pay for more than the approved sum.

Banning of assembly
In a related matter, health officials have advised the ban of school assemblies as a measure to reduce the spread of covid once schools resume.
Dr. Isiah the divisional medical officer at Kampala Capital City Authority said that this move would limit congestion in school. The officer also advised on screening of teachers and students.

“these should be screening of every one for signs and symptoms” he said
“just at the gate, they should take temperature, ask if they have flue or cough and at school all staff, students and visitors be monitored” he added.

Students are expected to start school early January next year after the president promises to open all sectors of the country.

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