Opposition leader request parliamentary sitting over fuel prices.

The leader of opposition, Mathias Mpuga has requested for the speaker, Jacob Oulanya to call the house for a sitting over rising fuel prices in the country.

Earlier, the clerk to parliament, Adolf Mwesige communicated to the house saying the parliament would resume business next Thursday.
Mpuga said that this could not wait “because the crisis is escalating and requires urgent attention before it manifests into a huge economic and security crisis”.

Uganda faced a shortage of fuel after government directed all truck drivers coming in from the Kenyan boarders like Malaba to undergo mandatory covid-19 testes before entering the country.

The most affected places in Uganda include Hoima with a liter of fuel going up to 10,000 shillings from the previous 3700 shillings.

Uganda imports more of its products via road and talks are underway to use alternative means of transport such as rail and water but also to make reservoirs to guard against such circumstances.


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