Wind destroys Oulanyah’s burial, leaves crowds talking

A strong wind that blew away the late speaker of Uganda’s tent during the laying of wreaths in Omoro District had left crowds in awe.

happening during the laying of wreaths, the wind threw down the tent in which the late’s casket was shielded by the scorching sun, not leaving the chairs and other things within the tent.

current speaker Among pays her last respects to the Late speaker Oulanyah

this Set the crowd in awe and the crowd started ehispering to each other with security having nothing to do about the situation other than looking on.

The Anglican choir that was animating mass saved the day when it started singing songs of praise, leaving their seats to gather near the tent singing and dancing as a way of distructing the crowd from the unfortunate incident.

as protocol started gaining control and pit the situation in place, the choir was requested to go back to their seat and the crowd requested to take their seat too.

Jacob Oulanyah has been the Speaker of Uganda after holding the position of deputy speaker for ten years waiting in line.

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