Museveni reaffirms reopening of schools

The President of the Republic of Uganda has once again assured the country of the full reopening of schools next year.

He said this in response to some Ugandans crying out for the reopening of the education sector during the commissioning of kehangara secondary school in kiruhura district.

Students to resume classes January 2022. (File photo. Ugsandard

On Monday, a covid 19 task force committee had advised the president to wait two weeks before fully opening schools next year due to serge of the virus although other experts saw it deemed to open.

Ever since the pandemic struck, government has tired to ensure containment of the virus and reduce wide spread hence a need to let students stay home as a measure.

For the two years being home, the hope to go back to school next year in January seems blick as many girls have become young mothers, and boys tested the work economy leaving them with no interest in school but make more money.

The parents have also had a hard time in the two years especially when the county was in lock down and up to now some sectors are not fully opened hence seeing to sources of fees for their children


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