post covid-19 effect rises malnutrition cases, leaves Donor counites worried

The United Nations has feared that the combined effect of the covid-19 pandemic, climate change and armed conflicts has led to a rapid rise of malnutrition case in parts of Africa and Afghanistan.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said that treatment of children has become more expensive due to the high cost of food.

Afghanistan and the horn of Africa have been pointed out as the highly at risk areas.

a child under treatment due to malnorishment

according to the Global Hunger index 2021, Somalia was the most affected African country in regard to Malnutrition and hunger at 50.8 index followed by Yemen, Central African Republic and Chad with an index of 45.1, 43, and 39.6 respectively and Kenya at the bottom of the table with a 23 index.

The African Union (AU) declared on March 2022 that this will be the year of Nutrition


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