“I sunk into a deep hole of darkness and depression when my son passed on” Juliana Kanyomozi Reveals

Legendary Ugandan songstress, Juliana Kanyomozi, has revealed the darkest moment in her life which even made her undergo depression The singer who is arguably the biggest female musician in the Pearl of Africa said that the time she lost her father was a nightmare. Her world came down crushing on her and she underwent a huge period of darkness.

It was however the death of her son Keron Kabugo that left her traumatized. This drove her into a huge hole of darkness and depression. She even doesn’t know how she was able to get out of this turbulent period. The “Nabikoowa” singer added that it’s the reason she hasn’t been on stage so much since then.

“The most down moments in my life were when my dad and son passed on, especially my son. I sunk into a deep hole of darkness and depression. In fact, I don’t know how I overcame it though. It is partly why you have seen me less on stage,” said the singer.

Juliana’s son, Keron, who she shared with Amon Lukwago passed away in 2014. This was after battling severe asthma. She was indeed heartbroken because he was an only child.

The singer wasn’t also in a relationship that maybe she would get another child soon. She had to undergo a period of limbo in her music career. Fewer songs, few stage, and public appearances then followed.

Juliana kept her baby anonymous

The princess of Tooro then relocated to the USA. And fortunately for her, God blessed her with another baby boy she named Taj.

Few details are known about this baby as Juliana has kept him anonymous from the public. Neither his face nor his father is known to the public which has seen rumors always swirl around.

The likes of the first son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, and pastor Mondo Mugisha have all at one time been rumored the songstress’ baby daddy. However, all this has turned out to be fake.

Meanwhile, Juliana Kanyomozi is going to be back on stage this month after such a very long time. This concert is dubbed ‘Juliana live at Serena’. It will take place on the 19th of August 2022 at Kampala Serena Hotel.



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