Why Pay Millions For The Ekisakaate When Buganda’s Princess Violates The Buganda Norms? – Social Media Users

Social media users have come out to express their differing opinions over Buganda Kingdom’s annual Ekisakaate event organized by the Nnaabagereka. They wondered why certain parents pay over a million shillings for their children to go to this event, yet the Buganda princess Katrina Ssangalyambogo ‘violates’ the same ethics taught there.

“People paying a million and above for their children to go for Nabagereka’s ekisakaate to learn Buganda morals, dress codes while Princess Sangalyambogo is on the internet posing in pics wearing Knickers,” a social media user prompted the conversation.

This saw a number of reactions rise from the comment section. Some supported the opinion while the kingdom’s enthusiasts rained on all those supporting this statement with insults and accusations.

“She is an athlete. And what would you like her to do,” a staunch Buganda supporter came to her defense.

“Man, just respect people’s culture… Naive falsification shouldn’t be the way to go … Somethings are not a joke as you might comprehend it … Please try to be more cerebral.. please,” another defended the princess and institution.

It should be noted that the Princess has always rubbed some staunch culturalists in Buganda the wrong way. This is because of her open-mindedness that differs from the institution’s values.

Being a princess automatically makes her an ambassador of the kingdom. And since most traditional values are conservative in nature, she’s expected to replicate the same. This is exactly what is taught in her mother’s Kisakaate.

Sangalyambogo is however free-spirited. She’s appeared in several videos in bikini wear and is barely seen in gomesis.

Her TikTok videos have also shown that her Luganda is not as fluent as one would think of a princess. This is therefore hard for social media users to comprehend on how to love their culture yet those at the forefront don’t prioritize it.


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