MP Zaake, Nince Henry set to release ‘reggae love’ song

Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament Francis Butebi Zaake is in the studio working on a love song with Henry Sekyanzi, also known as Nince Henry. Zaake says he was inspired by the opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, aka Bobi Wine, one of Uganda’s most celebrated musicians.

Wine and Zaake are members of the National Unity Platform (NUP), which the former leads. Zaake, who will be wedding his long-time girlfriend Bridget Namirembe on September 9, told Spark TV that he was talking to his friends in the music industry about what to give him for the wedding and Henry discovered that he has singing vocals.

“I was conversing with my musician friends about how the wedding will be… and you know my greatest inspiration is… Bobi Wine… So in the long run, Nince Henry discovered that I can sing, and he offered to write a song for me, so we hit the studio and cooked up something… It is exceptional,” he said, boastfully.

“I’m still wondering who leaked the picture. [A picture showing the duo in the studio has been making rounds on social media]. So… production is still ongoing… I know some people are making fun of me, but I can tell you, it’ll be fire.”

Zaake, who said he is still clueless about the music industry technicalities, revealed they are working on a “reggae” song.

“I will hit you with a reggae song,” he said, adding when the interviewer tried to compare him to his idol: “I can’t be better than him (Bobi Wine)… He is incomparable… But what I have done, even Nince Henry is shocked… he told me, ‘aren’t you going to take over the music industry.”

Henry, who has written songs for household musicians like Bebe Cool, Juliana Kanyomozi and Iryn Namubiru, said he didn’t charge the legislator for the song that will be released on Sunday, August 28.

“I didn’t go searching for him… We are friends… We were having a conversation and I told him `why don’t we work on a hit?’” the 34-year-old songwriter said.

“It celebrates love. It’s a love song… Why should he give me money yet he is my friend? And from what I have seen about him, he has great vocals… He has that smooth… we call it octave… it is stable like this [He gesticulated with his hand drawing a straight line.)”

Nince Henry’s only collaboration is with the singer Spice Diana on the song titled ‘Body’ with Spice Diana. The song was released in 2021.


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