I forgave Bobi Wine for whatever he did to me – Jose Chameleone

Singer and Leone Island top dog Jose Chameleone says he has no problem with Bobi Wine and has thus forgiven The Bad Man from Kamwokya. Chameleone, real name Joseph Mayanja, and Bobi Wine, real name Robert Kyagulanyi, have been going at each other with the vehemence of angry hornets as both men have let fly with accusations, one against the other.

However, Chameleone has changed his tune and is now singing praise for his old ‘frenemy’ Bobi. Speaking about his relationship with the NUP leader, Bobi, Chameleone disclosed that their dispute is now water under the bridge and they are back to being friends.

He explained that he is at peace with Bobi because the two of them go way back and, over the year, they have formed a bond which politics can’t break.

“I have no problem with Bobi Wine and I cleansed my heart for whatever he did. I didn’t get the party ticket but I don’t mind about that anymore. I have known Bobi Wine for twenty years and our relationship matters most,” he said in an interview with local television.

The two of them have had a past which has been defined by the on/off camaraderie that would thicken the plot of any Hollywood romantic comedy. However, there has rarely been anything funny about how they have purposed themselves to tear each other down.

This fresh chapter in their relationship comes with a collective sigh of relief in the music industry. It has surely been a long time coming. The two last met at Bobi’s brother Eddy Yaawe’s birthday party which took place in May this year.


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