‘Bitches, that’s girlfriend behaviour’ – Zari on being called ‘clingy’

Socialite Zarinah Hassan, alias Zari, said haters are misinterpreting what she termed as girlfriend behaviour for being clingy. Zari made the comments after her boyfriend Shakib Lutaaya shared a video in which she can be seen caressing him, but his mind seems to be somewhere else.

Some of the commenters on the video said she was being clingy. “Bitches, I’m not a clingy girlfriend, that’s just girlfriend behaviour, that’s just girlfriend behaviour. Why are you catching feelings if I’m all over my man, not your man, my man? Why are you all bitches catching feelings?” Zari wondered in a video shared on TikTok.

“Let me see, you are probably miserable, probably single and miserable, you are probably dating somebody else’s man. You can’t touch this man in the club or you are just sitting with a blesser in the club, who is just, you know, doing all the sponsoring. Shit, that’s my man, okay! That my man. I’m gonna be clingy, I’m gonna be drunk, I’m gonna fall in love left and right, as much as I wanna. I’m gonna do everything that I need. It’s just girlfriend behaviour.”

She went on: “There is nothing like, oh, Zari is so clingy, oh really! Really! is he your man? That’s my guy and I’m his woman. I’m gonna do whatever I need to, okay? So, stop putting your feelings into our relationship. That’s now how we feel, that’s how you feel, bitches!”

Shakib recently said he wants to meet Zari’s father, Nasur Hassan.


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