Only 753 tickets were sold despite our investment of Sh1.1b– Promoter explains why Beenie Man’s show was a failure

Beenie Man, a Jamaican superstar, had a disappointing third trip back to Uganda after playing for a modest crowd at a Top Boy Entertainment Records-organized concert. The event was intended to be a high-priced VIP concert with tickets starting at Shs150,000.

Only Beenie Man performed out of all the lined-up international acts. The other international acts, including the South African performers Focalistic, Mellow, and Sleazy as well as the Nigerian singer Oxlade Official, declined to take the stage.

Singer Oxlade admitted on social media that he skipped the stage because he hadn’t received full payment. However, local artists Vinka, Winnie Nwagi, Azawi, Grenade, and Zex Bilangilangi performed at the show.

The organization responsible for putting on “The Big Show,” Top Boy Entertainment Records, has provided an explanation for why their event failed.

In a lengthy statement published on their Twitter account, Top Boy Entertainment Records accused some of its employees, partners, and sponsors of working against the show’s success.

They claimed that some of the sponsors sold the tickets behind their backs.

“We invested US$300,000 (about Shs1.1 billion) in the concert, but only 753 revellers bought genuine tickets,” read the statement in part. The majority of those who attended the concert, according to the promoter, did not purchase tickets from them.

“Despite having 15,500 revellers at the show, only 753 bought genuine tickets. They bought them from our sponsors at a very reduced price,” read the statement.

“Whoever made it to Cricket Oval will testify that we indeed meant what we promised and didn’t compromise on any quality,” it added. According to the statement, the promoter has decided to unanimity take a break and recover.


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