Spice Diana Finally Speaks Out On Nsamba Henry Who Was Clobbered At Her Home

Spice Diana has finally broken silence on the issue of Nsamba Henry who was clobbered at her home on Salaama Road, Makindye at the beginning of July. From several media interviews, it is said that the late Nsamba jumped Spice Diana’s perimeter fence and entered the house in attempt to steal.

The police rescued and rushed him to Mulago where he succumbed to head injuries. Following his death, his brother started alleging that Nsamba and Spice had secret relationship basing on the love letter they recovered from his belongings.

However, critics reasoned that Nsamba might have been obsessed with Spice. Four months after Nsamba’s death, Spice finally spoke out for the first time on what happened.

In an interview with Sanyuka TV, Spice said her home has been a target and thieves has been raiding her.

For Henry Nsamba, Spice says he was unfortunate that her security nabbed him after jumping the fence. As it has always been the norm, Spice said there is no way he was going to walk free without being disciplined.


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