He convinced me to quit music and promised to take care of me, but he no longer comes to my house — singer Shasha Brighton cries out

Singer Joweria Nanozi, aka Shasha Brighton, appears to be inconsolable over claims that her yet-to-be-identified lover, failed to fulfill his promises.

Shasha Brighton is heard questioning why her lover would break her heart in such a way after asking her to give up music and be her trophy partner in an audio clip that media personality Allan Cruz Uganda posted on social media. According to Shasha Brighton, her landlord wants to evict her because she hasn’t paid rent.

“Life is hard now, everything changed, the landlord is demanding money for rent, and I have nowhere to get it,” Shasha narrated.

The singer holds her lover accountable for her problems.

“He asked me to quit music and settle home that he will take care of me but he changed. He stopped coming to my house. He no longer picks up my calls, and doesn’t reply to my texts,” she said.

Shasha Brighton has been rumored to be in romantic relationships with different people, including singer Pallaso and media personality Keem GK, among others.

Pallaso publicly refuted the accusations, insisting that they were just friends. We must, however, wait and see how these developments play out.


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