Anderson Burora Reacts To Netizens Saying Bobi Wine’s Son Was Fathered By Nubian Li

The Deputy Resident City Commissioner of Rubaga, Anderson Burora, has come out to call upon netizens to engage in healthy debates. This is after one social media user posted a photo of Bobi Wine’s eldest son, Solomon Kampala. He then attached another photo of singer Nubian Li and claimed that Bobi Wine will soon start blaming Museveni for another man fathering a child in his home. According to this social media user, the blame game won’t get Bobi Wine and his hooliganism to power.

Bobi will once blame Museveni for someone fathering a son in his home. This blame game won’t save his hooligans to reach in power. NOW WHAT IS HIS ALTERNATIVE??? or he waits M7 to leave power??” This social media user said.

However, Burora who severally opposes Bobi Wine said that such actions are uncalled for. He said that this act is unforgivable and the battles shouldn’t involve families.

“Jimmy, this is unforgivable…. This is wrong. Let the battles not include Families. This is uncouth and intolerable.”

However, in his defense, the social media user said that he was only giving NUP a dose of their own medicine. He cited an example where the Kamwokya wing always taunt self-styled businessman and socialite Frank Gashumba for sleeping with his own daughter, Sheilah Gashumba.

“I apologize for that but these guys also attack Gashumba’s daughter. Though I accept we shouldn’t behave like them. Naye naffe olumu tunyiiga banange. Guy will blame Museveni for everything oh my God,” said the culprit.

Meanwhile this is not the first time Nubian Li is linked to being the father of Bobi Wine’s first born son. Of course an out of proportion fact.

In a bid to hurt each other, the apologists for both NUP and the Museveni/Muhoozi team have always gone for the worst and shameful tactics.

For Nubian Li and Solomon, they always post pictures of the two in which they point out similarities. Fair enough, these dirt


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