I’m Cooking And Soon I Will Be Uganda’s Next President – Katumba John

Comical former presidential candidate, Katumba John, has revealed what he’s up to. According to Katumba, he’s been cooking and soon will serve the meal that he’s been preparing. Katumba assured all his supporters and Ugandans that he’s still alive and competing.

Just like nobody saw him coming, it will be the same this time round when he comes through to take what is his, the presidency. Katumba further said that according to him, all his opponents have weakened. It’s only him who is continuing to strengthen.

“I’m not lost, I have been there cooking and you all better be prepared for what I will be serving you soon. Just like nobody saw me coming, it will be the same way this time round. And besides all my opponents have weakened and its only me who has become stronger. So, I will be coming to take the presidency,” said Katumba.

Well, they say that dreaming is free and the former presidential aspirant has a right to it too.

Katumba who was even turned into a meme towards the 2021 General elections lost miserably. However since then, he’s enjoyed what that fame brought him. Referred more commonly to as Katumba Oyee, he’s a fan favorite.


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