More details emerge about how Sasha Brighton was lured into quitting music by baby daddy

The audio clip of singer Sasha Brighton crying and claiming that her “lover” had dumped her went viral and is still being shared on social media. She claimed that her “lover” had been the one who had persuaded her to stop singing.

Sasha, who recently gave birth to a child, claimed that she was at risk of being evicted from the house over her failure to pay rent. Different people have had different reactions to the developments, and some have blamed Shasha for allowing to quit her job.

But how was Sasha lured into quitting music? Our reliable sources tell us that the singer received a brand-new Toyota Harrier Kawundo UBK as a gift.

A beautiful apartment is also said to have been given to Sasha by her unnamed lover after she gave birth; however, a few months later, she was horrified to see someone else requesting rent.

Additionally, the baby daddy promised to start Sasha a business that would pay her more than music, but he also broke his promise.

There hasn’t been a new song from the singer in almost a year.


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