Pastor Bugingo adopts Makula’s son changes his last name to Bujingo

Pastor Aloysious Bugingo has adopted his girlfriend’s Suzan Makula’s first son and changed his last name to his as Bugingo. Pastor Bugingo started dating Suzan Makula after he separated with his wife Teddy Bugingo who he was with for more than 20 years.

Their relationship has been full of hate from fans and some other pastors who were his friends when he was with Teddy but Bugingo looks to be having the best if his life.

Yesterday Suzan Makula’s son she got from her previous relationship was having a birthday and as a gift to him, Bugingo fully took him on as a Father and gave him his name.

It is so rare in Uganda to find families doing such things but for Bugingo he is so much in love and wants everything to be good for his wife Suzan Makula and his son.

Saltmedia’s First Family is celebrating a Birthday for Fellan Bujjingo. Happy Birthday Daddy’s Son


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