I am beautiful and I know it, OBULUNGI BUNUMA! says Diana Nabatanzi

BBS Telefayina Kiri Kitya show presenter Diana Nabatanzi appears to have given herself the title of “most beautiful woman.” In an interview with a local television station, Nabantazi asserted that the B2C song Obulungi Bunuma (‘beauty hurts’) accurately captures her personality.

“The song is good, and the lyrics definitely describe my beauty,” said Nabatanzi. She added, “I am beautiful and I know it. God blessed me with too much beauty. I am afflicted with beauty while others are afflicted with strange illnesses. “

From her breakup with the loud-mouthed tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi of Masaka to her current rumored relationship with B2C singer Mr. Lee, Nabatanzi has been the talk of the town.


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