Finally Sheebah Kalungi Opens Up About Quitting Jeff Kiwa’s Team No Sleep

Prolific singer, Sheebah real name Kalungi Sheebah, has finally opened up about her separation from Jeff Kiwa. Jeff Kiwa is the boss of the Team No Sleep (TNS), a management that takes on talents, especially artists. She was one of the artists under it for so many years. She was signed after Jeff Kiwa had misunderstandings with the duo Radio and Weasel that moved on to manage themselves.

Being a female artiste and managed by a man in Uganda’s industry is very hard but Sheebah managed to do it. However, the ending wasn’t what people expected at all.

After working together for more than 8 years, she decided to move away from Team No Sleep (TNS) and Jeff Kiwa early this year. This is apparently to focus on herself and manage her businesses and music career by herself.

A lot was said by her fans after their separation. Some said she would not make it without Jeff Kiwa because he is the one that has been helping her with everything. Others were happy for her moving on saying she deserves to be independent. There was also a rumor making rounds that she left Jeff Kiwa because they had misunderstandings.

This stems from finances, with Sheebah wanting to do her business and Jeff Kiwa refusing to support it. However, she has trashed the rumors. In a recent interview with local television, she said there was nothing bad between her and Jeff Kiwa because she left in good faith.

“I don’t really mind what people say with regards to why or how Jeff and I parted ways. But what I know is that I left in good faith,” Sheebah said.


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