Tandika Okwambala Nga Sereebu olekelawo otulekaanira – Isma Olaxess tells Grace Khan

Social media blogger and National Resistance Movement (NRM) strong fanatic, Jajja Ichuli also known as Isma Olaxess, has called out singer Grace Khan to step up her game when it comes to dressing like a celebrity. Grace Khan has been in the music industry for some years now but with all her talent, fans always complain that her dress code is not up to the standards of fellow artists.

She started singing with a band and later she was managed by Kojja Kitonsa who went ahead to date her. When Grace Khan brought their relationship to the public, Kitonsa immediately ended it because he had another marriage going on.

Grace Khan moved on from Kojja Kitonsa’s management to release music on her own. Her music career started fading away as the pace of releasing new music went down. In that process Grace Khan got pregnant.

However, the man responsible, singer Prince Omar, denied the pregnancy. This left Grace Khan a single mother to a beautiful daughter.

With all that going on in her life, Grace Khan no longer looks like a celebrity. She makes little money and her expenses are so many with all the responsibilities on her shoulders.

Recently she celebrated her daughter’s first birthday. However, Isma Olaxess wasn’t pleased with the way she dressed on the big day for her child.

He told Grace Khan to start dressing like a celebrity in order to be respected by fans. Otherwise, she should stay in her home until she finds nice clothes to put on.

“I will not fear to talk about Grace Khan’s dressing code. She dresses like a farmer instead of a celebrity and that’s why fans even disrespect her. I want her to start dressing well once she is going in public or making a public appearance on social media,” Isma Olaxess said.


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