“Be open and talk about what you are going through” – Singer Fille Advises Artistes On How To Overcome Depression

Singer Fille Mutoni, MC Kats girlfriend and baby mama, has advised fellow artists going through hard times on how to overcome depression and move on with their lives. Fille started music at a very young age when she was still in high school. It all started in the church choir and later transformed into the secular music she does now.

The talented singer got into music commercially with the help of her baby daddy MC Kats who was more exposed and knew a lot about music. However, secular music and the entertainment industry at large come with competition, pressure and the urge to work more in order to stand out and be better than others.

By doing all that, Fille got herself involved in using drugs. This ended up pushing her to the wall and sending her into depression.

Before she healed from drug depression, MC Kats her baby daddy came out and revealed his HIV status to the public. That same thing affected Fille too because she was stigmatized saying she also has HIV.

She went ahead to carry on that stress and depression. Eventually, she went into a rehabilitation center during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Apparently, Fille healed from depression and came back to music. She is now advising her fellow artistes who are going through hard times of like she did on how to overcome.

According to her, artists should learn to check on their fellow artistes who are going through hard times. This is because it helps.

She also said those going through hard times should be so open to receiving help and talk about what they are going through.

“I want to advise artists who are going through hard times to be open and talk about what they are going through because that helps a lot. And our fellow artists should also reach out to those going through hard times. We will overcome depression in the entertainment industry,” Fille said.


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