Fille Reveals that Artists She Called Friends Snubbed Her as She Battled Depression, But those she Least Expected Reached Out to her

Singer Fille Mutoni has listed musicians that helped her during her state of battling depression a few years back. Over the years, many people globally have been silently battling mental health issues including those in the limelight.

Those who have survived have always gone public and shared their experiences with the rest of the world and singer Fille is the most recent.

In a recent interview with NBS Tv, Fille discussed how she felt abandoned by musicians she considered friends in 2020 as she battled depression.

The singer added that to her astonishment, the musicians she least expected and didn’t contemplate assisting like Rema Namakula, Maureen Nantume, and Nina Roz reached out to her while those she considered friends went mute.

It is at this point that Fille urged other musicians to put their egos aside and start interacting with one another rather than mocking them.


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