“Kikyamu nnyo okutegeka empaka zabanalulungi  eri abantu abalina akawuka ka siriimu,” Omusumba Sempa Agugumbudde abategesi

Pastor Martin Ssempa, who appeared behind the commission for allegedly issuing stigmatizing messages on his Twitter account, insists that it is wrong to hold beauty contests for people living with HIV/AIDS. Martin Sempa is always a controversial pastor around Uganda especially when it comes to behavior that goes against religious norms.

He is always fighting the gays in Africa saying he doesn’t understand how people of the same gender can get intimate with one another.

Right now, he is on people living with HIV/AIDS saying they don’t deserve to be crowned as queens and Kings because having the disease is not a good thing like the way people take it.

Although Martin Sempa was summoned to appear before the AIDS commission, after that he insisted that he doesn’t support people living with HIV and he will never.

“There is a difference between stigmatizing and speaking the truth I spoke the truth as I said I don’t support beauty contests for people living with HIV and I was right because it’s not okay. Having HIV is not a good thing to be praised,” Martin Sempa said.


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