Students in refugee settlement register rise in pupil drop outs

A report has shown that many pupils in refugee areas are dropping out of school, which is worrying and unfortunate.

According to the report, lower primary classes register the lowest drop out cases while the curve goes upward with many drop out cases being registered in upper primary classes.

In primary one, no drop out cases are registered but the numbers start when pupils are promoted to Primary Two where they begin dropping out registering a 1% drop out rate shooting up to 9% in primary three.

In upper primary, a 26% drop out rate was registered in primary four, 28% in primary five, 29% in primary six and decline of 7% in Primary seven.

Boys have shown a high dropout rate compared to girls due to early marriages among other issues.

The study carried out was in regions such as Palaben, Kyangwali, and Nakivally settlements


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Muwanga Deo

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