Even At 9 Months Of Pregnancy, I Will Still Perform For My Fans – Karole Kasita

Singer Karole Kasita has promised her fans that she will keep performing for them despite her pregnancy during this festive season. The singer is one of the best female Ugandan musicians and performers at the moment. She is good at dancing and singing live music at the same time with full energy.

However, like any other pregnant woman, there are certain things that they are not supposed to do. This is especially when it comes to physical exercises like over-dancing and stretching yourself.

An artiste like her, throughout her career, has been rotating around dancing. That’s what has made her stand out in everything in the music industry. However, recently, she revealed her baby bump to the public and fans are worried that she might stop performing at any time.

In a recent interview, Karole Kasita revealed that she is going nowhere when it comes to performing for her fans. This is because they are the ones that have made her who he is.

She further added she is going to perform until her labour day as long as she is healthy without any complications.

“Even at 9 months of my pregnancy, I will still perform for my fans. I love my fans they are the ones that have made me who I am and I can’t just leave them like that. They will not miss me at anytime because I am all here and going nowhere,” she said.

It should be noted that when women in the music industry get pregnant, they always take time off to focus on their lives. However, Karole Kasita seems to say and actually plans to do otherwise.


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