URA uncovers smugglers hidden phones meant to be sold cheap for Christmas.

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has uncovered about 8000 mobile phones from a man who smuggled them into a room without clearance from authorities in Iganga.

the consolidation Centre tipped  URA of a suspected smuggler who had stocked the phones without passing through the legal channels of the customs office.

The unrespecting suspect was surprised when authorities met him at the gate as he was moving out and sized his merchandise.

“On opening the gate, they were welcomed by unexpected guests”, one of the enforcers explained.

The suspects had tucked the items well in old plywood and could not be noticed at first glance but when authorities checked very well, they found  61 cartons x 60pieces of Itel button phone Model: it2160, 1 Carton x 40 pieces of Itel button phone Model: it562, 4 Cartons x 60 pieces of Itel button phone Model: it2173 among other items. .


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