Precious Remmie asomeseza Abasajja Abafumbo Ku Engeri Y’okuyisaamu Bakyala Baabwe

Precious Remmie, a media personality and actress (actual name Nakiito Rehema), has given married men advice on how to treat their spouses in relation how to Kameeza money. Kameeza money is the sum of money that husbands typically leave their wives at home to use for running and taking care of the house for a day.

However, it appears that some women don’t use their money in the manner in which it was provided to them. This is something that typically irritates some males, who therefore conclude that all women are incapable of handling money.

According to Precious Remmie, if a man leaves UGX10,000 for Kameeza and on returning home he finds food for just 3k, the next time he should leave only 3k. This is because the woman has showed him that it is enough for the day.

“If you give your wife 10,000 as kameeza and she uses 3,000shs for dinners.
The following day, Kameeza ought to be $3,000.”  


It should be noted that Precious Remmie is an independent woman who provides herself with everything she wants. Before she got married, Precious Remmie was a single mother of one. She was doing very well in terms of finances and well-being.

With all the experience she has, she advises to men should be put into consideration.


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