Abantu Abateeka Ebyobufuzi Mu Muziki wa Uganda bebonoonye Industry yaffe – Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo, a well-known musician who has won a BET Award and been nominated for a Grammy, has expressed his hatred for those who introduce politics into the music business.

After losing his parents and living on the streets of Kampala, Kenzo began singing when he was a little child. He was different from other street children who misbehave in that he used the streets to learn a lot about life and put a lot of effort into becoming a better person.

Fortunately, he had the opportunity to enter the recording studio and begin singing. He was extremely luckier that his songs, especially “Sitya Loss,” which made him famous, was international hits.

He claims that music is everything in his life, including his family because it has always supported him even when everyone else had given up on him. He also has everything he owns, including money and real estate, thanks to it.

Much has changed in this age, and politics are prevalent in Uganda’s music industry. Since Bobi Wine joined, his supporters have assumed that all other artists must back him. This is only one example of how some artists have their own views about backing different political parties.

Meeting politicians does not imply that a person is interested in politics, according to Eddy Kenzo. He claimed that he occasionally performs for politicians in exchange for cash.

Additionally, he stated that he disliked the politicization of music since it is ineffective.

“People who incorporate politics into music are ruining our business. People should be aware that just because we interact with politicians, it doesn’t mean we are involved in politics. Some of us just go there to get money,” stated Eddy Kenzo.



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