Banyarwenzururu: We don’t know if we are Congolese or Ugandans

The banyarwenzururu have applauded the UPDF that has endeavored to promote peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo who are considered so close to  Banyarwenzururu.

Godfrey Kabyanga, the minister of information and national guidance, on behalf of the Banyarwenzururu applauded President Museveni for deployment of the UPDF IN Congo in order to keep peace and prevent rebels from crossing to Uganda.

In a way, he said that the Banyarwenzururu and Congo people at the border are close relatives since they intermarry from each other and have families across the borders.

“For us here in Kasese we don’t know if we are Congolese or Ugandans. All our relatives are in Congo so if ADF kills 200 people then everyone in Kasese has lost a relative therefore peace in Congo is one of the things we enjoy as Banyarwenzururu and Bamba Kingdom” Kabyanga said.

The ADF has been terrorizing Congo and making some attempts to enter and terrorize Ugandans at the Border.


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Muwanga Deo

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