Bobi Wine Asekeredde Museveni kubyokugalawo Omutimbagano gwa Facebook

The National Unity Platform leader, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine, has laughed at President Museveni’s claims of Facebook being blocked in Uganda.

While addressing the Facebook closure circus in Uganda once again, Museveni said that they expressed their problems to the company. If they work on them, he has no problem reopening the social media platform in the country.

However, life hasn’t stopped because the company severed it’s services in Uganda. Life has continued to move on normally without any hindrance.

“We have our problems with Facebook and we have expressed them. If they are worked on, we have no problems opening Facebook. At least, life has not stopped because of it. Boda Bodas are moving well, and commuter taxis are making their trips as usual. Life goes on,” said Museveni.

On landing on Museveni’s message, Bobi Wine said that Museveni is detached from reality. The ex Kyadondo East MP said that it’s absurd Museveni thinks Facebook closure hurts the company more than it does to Ugandans.

Bobi Wine proceeded to mock Museveni by saying that Sevo thinks he chased Facebook out of Uganda.

The last time he checked, even some government agencies use Facebook to post updates.

“Absolutely detached from reality. How sad, that he thinks his closure of Facebook in Uganda actually hurts Facebook more than it hurts the country! He even thinks he chased Facebook out of Uganda….. The last I checked, even Police makes daily posts on Facebook.”

Facebook was closed in 2021 prior to the 2021 General elections. This is after Museveni accused it of arrogance after it removed ‘fake’ accounts and pages linked to his re-election campaign.


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