Evelyn Namulondo kubyokuganza Okuganza Dr. Gordon, ne B2C boys

Actress Evelyn Namulondo responded to allegations that she had broken the heart of actor Jonathan Edwards Ssuubi, who is best known as Dr. Gordon, because of his role in OMG, the TV series created by The Ebonies.

Dr. Gordon had said that Namulondo crushed his love soul, making him adopt a negative outlook on women, but the latter says they’ve never dated and she was shocked when she watched the interview in which he made the claims.

“It seems there is something he’s trying to communicate. May be he was positioning himself for other girls… But we’ve never had an intimate relationship. I was even shocked when I saw the interview. You know comedians are always joking… I just know him as a workmate and fellow actor,” Namulondo said in a recent media interview.

Dr. Gordon, who was also present during the interview, chimed in: “People are problematic in this world. If Eve doesn’t know me, I rest my case. I want nothing to do with women, they are bad people.”

But he also revealed that they reconciled and now they are friends.

“She broke my heart, we mended the situation and now we are very, very good and close friends… she is now my good friend and we cooperate. But she is now a city girl [I wouldn’t date her again,” he said.

Namulondo has also been romantically linked to B2C, alias Kampala Boys, who are also said to be dating Rema Namakula.

Asked why she and her friend Namakula are always hanging out with them, she said: “You have a problem with it?… Those are my brothers, my sons… B2C are my brothers, my sons, and Rema is my sister.”

She added: “So when you see us together, it’s a family day out… If you have problems that are making you sleep, that’s okay. For us, we are enjoying.” B2C is made up of Mr. Lee, Bobby Lash, and Julio Delivered.

Namulondo has been linked to Bobby Lash and Namakula, who is said to be having some marital issues with her husband, Dr. Hamza Sebunya, who is said to be dating Delivered. Namakula has a song with the trio called Guttuja, so platonic friendship can’t be ruled out.


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