Zari responds to claim she ‘stole’ Shakib from someone

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has finally responded to a claim launched highlighting that she wrecked Shakib’s first marriage. The mother of 5 took to her socials to post cute pictures of her and her boyfriend from her Uganda edition all white party and a curious netizen couldn’t help but pose the question.

In her comment section while others gushed over how good the two looked a follower identified as and_back_123 asked Zari to clarify if it was true that she had ‘snatched’ Shakib even though she knew the man was married.

“His wife claims you broke 💔 her marriage 💑 is that true?” The Instagram user posed the question.

Zari seemingly having caught wind of the allegations going around chose to respond to the comment implying that the other woman was just looking for sheer publicity. She highlighted that the said wife was clout chasing. “Clout chasers,” Zari wrote in response to the comment.

Ugandan, America -based, Nalule Shamirah Sembatya popularly known as Mimi is accusing the socialite/ entrepreneur of snatching her husband, Shakibu Lutaaya from her.


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