ADF Rebels surrender after Museveni warning

At least seven ADF rebels have surrendered to the Uganda People’s Defence forces (UPDF) in less than a week since President Museveni warned them to either surrender or get killed.

The surrender came after three of the rebels were shot and killed by the UPDF on 25th December, Christmas day as they were trying to cross into Congo. The surviving seven decided it was wise to give in and they did so by surrendering to the Army at kayanja Barracks.

The RDC of Ntoroko, Rtd Maj. Johns Ngabwire said that three of the rebels had surrendered at first and then they notified the Army of four others who were willing to surrender too but hiding behind an ant hill where they were found.

“Our solders had slept in an ambush then a group of six rebels were trying to escape moving toward river Semuliki, three were killed and one gun recovered but then after the seven came back to surrender”. He said

The rebels were Six females and one 13 year old male who gave up their guns and ammunition.


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