“All My Friends Are Jealousy Of My Relationship with My ‘bae’ Zari, Non of them Attended Our Party”- Shakib Reveals

As they say, you always speak your mind when you’re drunk.. Zari Hassan’s bae Shakib Cham Lutaaya proved this saying when he spit fire just after her All-White Party, he bitterly attacked his close friends for being Jealousy of his love with the mother of Five.

In a video shared on his Snap Chat account, Shakib who looked tipsy and even at some point confessed that he was drunk, bitterly hit at his so-called close friends.

He bluntly revealed how his “friends” have not been supportive of his relationship and let alone did not help push his girlfriend’s event and yet they allude to being friends behind closed doors.

Shakib with Zari during the All-White Party

“Ever since I started dating my demu (Girlfriend) Zari, my friends acted cool about it but in actual sense non of them really liked it, they all felt jealous and now I have proved it.. No one advertised her event, not even putting up a single post and non of them even came to the party yet i know all of them are party animals”-Shakib stated.

Shakib has been dating Zari Hassan for some months now, actually for the year 2022 he has been known as her official Boyfriend.


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