“Bebe Cool elekelawo  Okulimba  n’okwewaana, Mwavu nnyo tasobola kuwa bayimbi Ennyumba ezo bwereere”- Eddy Sendi

Dembe FM’s radio presenter Edward Ssendikadiwa, commonly known as Eddie Sendi says singer Big Size Bebe Cool is too poor to give out free houses to musicians who top his controversial annual list.

In a recent press conference, the ‘Boss Lady’ singer set a precedent by revealing plans to award artists on his ‘Bebe Cool List’ with plots of land.

He vowed to buy huge chunks of land and build houses that he will reward future winners of the famous annual Bee Cool List thereby becoming landlords instantly.

However, during the Talk and Talk weekly Dembe FM gossip radio show, the music analyst, events organiser and radio personality removed hair from listeners’ heads after asserting how Bebe Cool is just chasing clout in the guise of gifting houses to future winners of his controversial list.

Eddie Sendi claimed Bebe Cool isn’t financially trending and his said promises were just a stunt of promoting his sold out Kiwatuule Christmas show.

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