Mutabani w’omugenzi Paul Kafeero akwatiddwa mu mivuyo gy’okubba essimu

The late Golden Boy of Africa Prince Job Paul Kafeero’s son, Tonny Kafeero was nabbed and detained on allegations of stealing and phone snatching in Kalerwe. Tonny Kafeero was severely beaten by a mob who alleged that he had stolen their mobile phones in the areas of Kalerwe abattoir locally known as Lufula.

Based on the information availed to, Tonny reportedly resides in Kalerwe, and more details disclose that he works from the same abattoir. After being severely thumped and dragged to Police, Tonny denied the allegations of snatching the phone.

He stressed that the people who had stolen the phone made off and in the circus, he was found in the wrong place hence the angry people pounced on him and started battering him.

Tonny Kafeero who was born and bred in the areas of Kalerwe where he has been taken care of by his mother, unfortunately, didn’t enjoy the 2022 festive days as he spent them behind coolers.

He is among the 11 children who were dejected by their fellow siblings who claimed that they are not part of the late Paul Kafeero’s family.

Tonny Kafeero is reported to have been taken care of by singer Mesach Semakula and was once pronounced as one of the heirs of the late Paul Kafeero and was given the responsibility to take care of some properties but was later stripped of the role.

The case is still in the Makindye family court as judge Joseph Mulangira decided that the late Kafeero’s body not be exhumed as he ordered further DNA tests to take place.


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