Artistes Make More Money Than MPs – Azawi

Swangz Avenue artiste, Azawi real name Zawedde Priscilla, has revealed that an established artiste is able to make more money than a Member of Parliament. In Uganda most of the richest people are politicians. In fact, people fight to make it to Parliament not to help the people in their community but to just make money.

However, like any other person with their opinions, Azawi said Members of Parliament are not making enough money legally. A well-paid artiste continent-wise is better than them.

In her argument, she wants talented Ugandan artists to be helped especially by those with money. She wants people to believe in them and start putting in enough investments.

The talented singer took it to her Twitter and said Uganda needs more people that understand the music business because it is high paying.

“So many talented Ugandan folks🙆🏾‍♀️, all we need are people that believe in the talent, understand the business, and are not afraid to make the best investment. To be honest, NO MP can “legally” make what a blown up talent makes continental wise!,” Azawi tweeted.

Azawi struggled to get where she is at the moment. She was talented but she didn’t get people that believe in her at first. She was fortunate enough that as a songwriter, she went to sell her song and her chance for singing came along.

Swangz Avenue being a big company and understanding the music business well, couldn’t let go of Azawi. At the moment she is the most selling female artist in Uganda.


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