Zari Hassan ayanukula kubigambibwa nti ‘yabba omusajja wabandi

South African based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has responded to claims she snatched her current boyfriend from another woman. Recently, Zari shared photos with her man, namely Shakib, at her all-white party event that took place in Uganda.

One particularly curious fan identified as and_back_123 asked Zari to clarify if indeed she broke another woman’s mar iage. “His wife claims you broke 💔 her marriage 💑 is that true?” read the question.

Responding to the comment, Zari said the alleged wife was clout chasing. “Clout chasers,” Zari wrote.

A few days ago, a Ugandan, America -based woman identified as Nalule Shamirah Sembatya popularly known as Mimi accused the socialite of snatching her husband, Shakib Lutaaya from her.

Mimi shared marriage documents revealing she and Shakib tied the knot back in June of 2016. She said that they never got divorced which legally still makes her Shakib’s wife.

Mimi also went on to reveal that a year after marriage she allegedly processed a US visa in May 2017 for her husband, which gave him a lot of privileges.

The Ugandan now claims that after being lured by Zari, Shakib left their matrimonial home to follow the reality TV star as she is more successful and famous.

Zari started publicly hanging out with Shakib in March this year shortly after she dumped South African-based money bags, GK Choppa.

Just a few weeks ago, the socialite took the bold step to meet the parents of Shakib making it clear that she is ready to take her new relationship to the next level. “Shakib took me to see his parents and it was really nice,” Zari said.

Zari and Shakib’s relationship has been criticized a lot, especially on the internet, with the main issue being their age difference.

Zari, 42, and Shakib, 31, have both left many people amazed by their relationship which has proven to survive all sorts of criticism. The mother of five, however, noted that Shakib’s parents did not indicate any problem with their relationship and noted that their meeting was good.

“He took me to see his parents and they were very nice, and I don’t even remember them complaining about the relationship,” the Ugandan said, adding that she will not defend herself at all.

Zari also revealed that she is planning to have more children with Shakib but noted that it is not because of public pressure.

This comes about three months after the socialite hinted at tying the knot with Shakib after revealing that her current boyfriend is planning to send a proposal to her father in Uganda.

“Shakib told me yesterday that he wants to meet my father. He wants to propose marriage, he is ready to marry me,” Zari said in English in a video that was uploaded to Snapchat in September.

In that short video, the mother of five continued to throw jabs at critics of her relationship with Mr Shakib while proving to them that their efforts to separate them had failed.


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