VIDEO: Omuimbi Kako Shammy yeyambulidde ku stage

It’s really hard to be an upcoming artist and make your mark felt on the scene. A lot of hustle has to go down for you to cultivate yourself as one of the most entertaining artists.

And this becomes more difficult especially when you’re on stage and trying to hype up a fired-up crowd. It means you have to do all sorts of things to make them feel your flow and this includes some crazy things.

For women singers, they can go all the way and expose their bodies to hook the crowd. And this seemed the case with upcoming singer Kako Shammy who performed at Galaxy FM’S Zzina end year of year party.

Dressed in a long dress on one side but with a thigh high slit on another side, she really showed off lots of flesh.

Kako Shammy first pulled the dress to show her red undies and then later lay down spreading her legs further to expose it.

She again went ahead to lie down and tease the fans in a sexualized dance as they cheered her on.


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