“Muswadde Kakibe ki Sisobola kukyaawa Hamza, tewali mukazi ategeela asobola kikola ekyo,” Rema Namakula akaaye

Late last year, there were allegations that singer Rema Namakula’s relationship with husband Hamza Sebunya was on the rocks. Reports claimed that Hamza was cheating on Rema with another beautiful city babe. However, no proof could pin and make sense of the allegations.

As the allegations went viral on social media platforms, Rema chose to go a mature way as she went AWOL about the alleged scandal.

However, during an interview with Boom Uganda over the weekend, Rema finally responded to the claims. According to Rema, Mr. Sebunya is not the kind of a man a woman can chuck.

She revealed that she’s not and never thought of breaking up with her husband. Rema cleared the air saying she’s in marriage for the long haul.

“Please, can Mr. Sebunya be chucked? That baby being chucked? I’m in marriage for the long haul, those are your issues. That one can’t be chucked, please,” Namakula said.

In other news, while performing her “Ngonze” hit song on New Year’s eve at CBS FM’s Enkuuka, Rema got lost for words as fans hit hard at her demanding a reunion with Eddy Kenzo.

Fans were heard shouting out loudly Eddy Kenzo’s name as she performed the “Ngonze” hit song. The speechless songbird then struggles to silence the rowdy fans as they demand her Reunion with Eddy Kenzo.


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