Whoever Fights Me, Fights My Father: Gen Muhoozi

Senior Presidential Advisor in charge of Special Operations, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, has sent a veiled warning to politicians fighting him that they are unknowingly fighting his father, President Yoweri Museveni. “In the cannibalistic politics of NRM, let me say this, those who fight my father, fight me and those who fight me, fight my father,” said Muhoozi on Tuesday afternoon.

The former Land Forces commander’s remarks come against the backdrop of an intense mobilization campaign led by Internal Affairs Minister Rtd Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire against a possible ‘Muhoozi presidential bid’ in 2026.

Last week, Otafiire indirectly attacked Gen Muhoozi, describing him as a “dysfunctional” and “dead so-called standby generator”. At a public function, Otafiire urged the public to vote for Museveni in the 2026 elections.

“Vote Museveni, forget the nonsense of (Muhoozi as) ‘standby generator!’ Why do we need a standby generator when we have electricity and the standby generator is dead and dysfunctional?!!” asked Otafiire.

Muhoozi got a label of ‘standby generator’ from his fans who see him as a potential successor of President Museveni. Muhoozi possibly intended to communicate that his quest for a better Uganda is endorsed by his father.

He later tweeted: “The Banyankore say ‘Omwaana omukuru aba murumuna weishe (the eldest son in the family is considered the father’s young brother).”

Officials say Otafiire represents a small group of old NRA historicals who are opposed to a Muhoozi presidency. The others include Rtd Gen David Sejusa and Rtd Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde.

At a function held in Kiruhura recently, Otafiire, who was accompanied by retired army generals, explicitly told elders, youth leaders and influential people in the area that the ruling party would not allow any other candidate apart from Museveni.

In a veiled attack on Muhoozi, Otafiire charged: “Tell those children of mine that the road they want to drive through at high speed has so many corners and they will knock. What has made this country reach this far is because we have been slow but sure.”

He added: “The problem is that when these children take over now with this excitement, they will roll us down and the country might go back where we found it. Leading a country is not about jokes because you have a big following on social media. I want to tell you people of Kiruhura that we still have Museveni, don’t be excited over new faces.”

Muhoozi resistance

Despite threats from Otafiire’s group, Muhoozi recently said he was “listening to the outcry of our people for change,” adding, “I am with the people! Whatever NRM has become certainly does NOT represent the people of Uganda.”

Muhoozi said he believed in Jesus Christ and his father, President Museveni, but that he “certainly do not believe in NRM.” He added: “In Marxist terms it (NRM) is probably the most reactionary organisation in the country.” Muhoozi previously served as Special Forces commander.


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