Hire Artists You Can Afford- Cindy Tells Promoters

The President of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy has advised event promoters to hire artists they can afford. Cindy advised these artists to leave an artist they can’t meet his/her value.

She added that these bivulu promoters can’t force an artist to drop down to their standard. The self-styled king herself also told these promoters to reduce the level of ‘kamanyiro.’

“If you can’t afford an artist, please don’t hire them. You can’t force an artist to step down to your standards. Mukendeze akamanyiro please,” she saod.

The Boom Party singer is not the only singer who has come out to express her anger towards these promoters. A couple of other musicians have come out to express how they can’t perform for the prices these promoters listed.

Local promoters under the National Promoters Association revealed how they are no longer willing to hire singers at the process of their own liking.

They, therefore, decided to list a price each artist is worth. However, artists have interpreted this as being undermined as they are the ones to determine their own worth.

The promoters however contend that these prices by these musicians are putting them out of business. It’s waiting to see if the two parties will come to a mutual conclusion.


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