“I was born like this. I grew up with this big” Singer Shakiraa Shakira addresses rumors of having a fake butt

Local female singer Shakira Shakiraa has come out to address rumors of having a fake butt. The singer has become accustomed to showing off her gigantic big booty in her music videos, performances, and social media posts..

This has had some people saying that it’s fake because of the way it bounces up and down.. She’s now come out to address these rumors by saying that it’s natural.. Shakira said that she was born with it and she’s never undergone any surgery to enhance it.

“I was born like this. I grew up with this big a-ss, it is natural,” she vehemently refuted claims that she went for surgery to enhance her booty.

Further, Shakira also addressed critics about her skimpy outfits during performances. Many have branded one of the most indecent singers. She however says that she feels okay while performing when dressed in such outfits.

“I only perform well when I wear clothes that show my body or what you call skimpy. Other clothes like jeans make me uncomfortable,” she added.


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