SSEBO Why don’t you reply to my letters? – John Katumba asks President Museveni

Former presidential candidate John Katumba has asserted that only President Yoweri Museveni is failing him, despite the fact that he has good plans to address issues affecting Uganda’s youth.

Katumba claims that after he lost the 2021 presidential election, he believed that by collaborating with Museveni, he could fulfill all of the promises he made to Ugandans. But despite sending the president numerous letters, he has yet to receive an audience, which disappoints him.

“I’ve written President Museveni a lot of letters, but he’s never responded to any of them. I’m just telling him about the situation of young people’s livelihoods and how we can fix the problems,” said Katumba in an interview on a local TV station.

But he asserted that for the time being, he is only managing the “Nzimba” project, a youth-focused initiative for community wealth creation.

“With the help of the people I work with, we’ll establish value-added facilities like studios, stadiums, and health centers, among others, to create jobs, and boost exports,” he said.

Last year, Katumba was arrested at Ben Kiwanuka William Street junction while “inciting” the public to fight against inflation and the skyrocketing prices of various commodities.

Katumba moved on the street with a megaphone speaker, accusing the government of failing to solve the economic crisis.


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